Life with Eczema is hard, it’s itchy, dry, irritated skin that can affect the whole body. From the face to the feet, it can cause anyone to be miserable. I remember I had a BAD breakout while on vacation, my eczema affects my face and neck. Usually in hot, dry climate weather is where I have the hardest times enjoying fun in the sun. I’ve been dealing with this skin disorder all my life and I have always hated the smell of the steroid/ creams, later on, in life, I would wonder what really are the ingredients in those creams. Although they help, should we just result on that?, NO.  There are natural ingredients that can help aid the skin naturally and sometimes can work better than the creams.
But as sufferers of this skin disorder, we should take into consideration, what we are eating. Recent has found that dairy products aid to flare-ups.  Again, I want to say everyone is different so you have to test different food eliminations to find what works and what doesn’t for you. With this all being said, my goal this year is to find the right natural aid possible instead of relying on those expensive creams.


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