A Queen’s Letter

queen letter
Inspirational Message from Latisha De’Cruisa
Queen, If you find yourself in a situation where there’s darkness; remember to get to the light you have to walk through the dark. You may be down now but you weren’t built to stay that way, you’re strong and have power. In order to get what you want you to have to lose the negativity and gain positivity. Any man that doesn’t see where your going and doesn’t respect/love you enough for that (can’t handle it), isn’t a relationship worth having(you can do bad all by yourself). Burnt bridges aren’t meant to be rebuilt. We sometimes try to hold onto things or someone that God is trying to remove out our lives, so let God’s will be done. Know he has heard your cry and if you just hold on, that blessing you been waiting for is on the way, just have faith. He may not come when you want him but he’s always on time..




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