Road To Fitness Log 2.0

As I posted in the introduction  for  ‘Road to Fitness’

log I listed all the things that I would be doing. It’s been a little hard I can’t deny that but YOU have to be strong minded. Like, I loooovveee ice cream if I could eat all day I would but is it good for me, NO! So instead of eating regular ice cream I found some  yummy frozen greek yogurt ice cream made my Yasso that choice of flavor would be mint chocolate chip and cookie dough. Both only contain 100 calories per bar which is a good benefit. I recommend you try them.

I’m working out 4-5 times a week, I haven’t gotten on the scale just because simply I HATE scales. They can either scare you or excite you but for me I find the results in my clothes. To me that’s the best way of truly feeling the lost of weight. Sometimes the number on the scale can lie, for example it can read 200lbs but muscle weighs more than fat so you really can be lesser. Sometimes when we see a number like that I can discourage us, so I prefer just go by your clothes or just look in the mirror.

Lastly, eating a lighter snack at night has been my marshmallow & cream chesse dip. Absouletly love this snack, I can eat this and not beat myself up about it. I eat the dip with carrots or apples but I love the carrot choice better.


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